Here at PCI, we pride ourselves on providing highly personalized service.  We are ready to respond to your needs any time.  Feel free to contact any of our highly experienced technicians with any questions you might have.


President of PCI, certified inspector, field mechanic, accident investigator.  Contact Bob with any crane questions or inquiries.  Bob is involved with all PCI jobs, small or large.

E-mail:  Phone: (509)226-5302


 Bill Vetter

Facility Manager, Accounting Manager, Logistic Manager -  Bill is in charge of all of the vital aspects of business operations. Question on anything about PCI? Call Bill.

E-mail:  Phone: (509)226-5302

20141103_075737 Erich Brueggeman

Field Services Manager, Senior Operations Technician, certified mobile crane inspector, field mechanic, electromechanical diagnostician, training facilitator, sales engineer.

E-mail:  Phone: (509)226-5302


 Dennis Wagoner

Senior Operation Technician/Crew Leader

E-mail:  Phone: (509)226-5302


 Art Adams

Senior Operation Technician/Crew Leader/extraordinarily skilled crane mechanic.

E-mail:  Phone: (509)701-6783


Joe Cuglietta

Operation Technician/Crew Leader.  Joe is the resident VFD and pump expert.

E-mail:  Phone: (509) 226-5302


Dana O’Dea

Dana is the Manager of our Data Entry Department. Dana is also an Certified Instructional Designer and supervises the Training Department.


 Shop Maintenance Team

Responsible for shop upkeep and general sweeping.



 “The Crew”

PCI’s team of experienced industrial tradesmen are all experts in their particular discipline. Our team includes engineers, electricians, millwrights, welders, fabricators, etc.