About Us

PCI was founded in 1986 as an industrial training and consulting company (Performance Consulting International).  In 1996 the company diversified to include crane inspection and repair.  PCI has grown steadily through the years and now includes; new equipment sales, crane construction, operator training software, heavy maintenance and repair, high-capacity load testing and nation-wide crane operator training.  In 2008 the company was purchased by its longtime Operations Director, Bob O’Dea.

PCI is a family-oriented, 100% American-owned corporation.  We pride ourselves on extraordinary personal service and complete customer satisfaction.  Our primary focus will always be on what’s best for the client, that’s why most of our clients have been with us for 5 or more years (in this industry, that says a lot for our service).

When you call PCI, you won’t get voice mail or automated answering systems—you will talk to someone who can help you, right away.  Every client of PCI is critical to our success, that’s why we stress personal service and immediate response.  Your trust is our most valuable business asset, we will earn it every day.


Do you have a big problem that you need help with right away?  Call right now —we are always available at 509-226–5302.


Bob O’Dea

President, PCI